Greenacres Private College

Greenacres Private College

A programme unique to the Destiny Changers Education Group. This programme is designed to ensure that learners receive a holistic education. This includes learning about themselves, academic knowledge, arts, culture, music and life skills. The aim of this holistic approach is to ensure that learners have a competitive advantage when entering tertiary institutions and ultimately the world of business.

Arts and Drama

Currantly there is an annual concert as well as various cultural evenings throughout the year. Children may take part in the Eistedfod or various arts and culture competitions.


Music is currantly offered by an outside professional who provides musical instruction.

Pillars of Development

Greenacres believes that each child should be given the opportunity to develop to the maximum of their potential. This includes programmes aimed at developing every facet of the child os a whole.

Readers are Leaders

Readers are leaders is a computer based programme offered in both English and Afrikaans. Focus is on language and comprehension skills development and is included in the tuition fees.

Cami Maths

Cami Maths is a computer based programme aimed at logical reasoning and analytical skills development. This is incuded in the tuition fees.

Extra Classes

Extra classes are offered as part of academic intervention plans when extra help is required. These take place in the afternoons as and when necessary and are included in the tuition fees.

Tel. No. 016 362-4747
Fax. No. 086 694 2711
20 Morris Road
Gauteng, South Africa
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